Helpful Guidelines for Career Management.

Career management is one of the most important things a college student must do while attending college. There are many colleges that do not care whether you are taking the right class for your major or not, because their only focus is money.

Some colleges will provide you with a counselor but you should never completely rely on them, simply because they have other students to focus on and might miss something that is very important to you.

In order for you to keep track of your career you should use the following guidelines:

1) Investigate within your college's offices what are all the classes you must take to fulfill your major's requirement. Make sure you note whether some classes have pre-requisites and/or co-requisites.

2) Find out if you have a minimum of credits per semester that you need to fulfill and plan your classes accordingly.

3) Plan your semesters. This will help you register early and allow you to create the schedule you desire.

4) Spend the break before the next semester preparing for the classes before you attend. Buy all the necessary books and read them upfront. This will give you a head start in all of your classes.

Take into consideration your credits whenever you register for classes and do not overload yourself with too many classes.


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