A Great College Student: Outline

Becoming a great college student can be a difficult task, if you perceive it like so. Remember  that you must have a positive mindset towards any goal you want to achieve.

  • Attendance.  Being absent to a class is perceived by the teacher as a personal disrespect, if its obvious you are slacking off.When you must be absent have proof for the teacher. Also make sure to contact your professor and ask what was discussed in class and what is the assignment for next class. You will create a good relationship with your teacher because you have demonstrated interest and respect towards the class.
  • Punctuality.Remember to honestly try your best to be early to every class. If you can't then try to find out what is causing you to be late and work on it. Is it because you over sleep? Then go to bed a little earlier and see how that works out. If you are going to be late then you must keep in mind that teachers consider lateness to be a form of disrespect, so do not try to communicate with them as soon as you enter the classroom because you are very likely to be embarrassed in front of the class. Walk in, find a seat, figure out what the discussion is about, try to participate, and when the class is over apologize, let the teacher know what happened, assure him you will try your best next time and if the issue is persistent try to work something out with your teacher. Demonstrate interest and the teacher will help you. If you don't you are most likely going to get a bad grade. 
  • Requirements. When writing an essay or any other assignment do not focus on trying to meet them. Focus on trying to go over the requirements to demonstrate that you have the potential to do  so and impress your teacher. Be very detailed with whatever you do. If it is an essay remember what are the main components of an essay. meet them and then refine them. Unlock and show your full potential.
  • Instructions. When the teacher goes instructions on how he or she wants something to be done you must respect that and do so. If you wish to add something else or change a step then communicate with your teacher explaining why would this work better for you. If you do not understand something, ask.
  • Deadlines. Always, always and always try your hardest to meet deadlines. You can earn yourself points if you turn it in before the deadline. If you need extra time ask for it, but do not wait until the last day to ask. Plan it, then you will know if you need extra time or not and have enough time to request it from the teacher.


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