Tut: How to Solve Rational Equations

During introductory algebra class I saw many students struggle with this topic. I noticed I did not struggle as much because I read the math book before attending the class so I decided to help many of them during class time. I assume there are still many students out there who need help on this topic.

Rational equations are very easy to solve. This is the mindset I need you to have. Do not look at it and feel depressed right away, I want you to look at it and read it out loud to understand what the problem is, and think you will solve it. Below is the procedure and a separate explanation of each step. Read everything carefully and slowly until you understand it. Leave me a comment with any questions you have regarding this topic, I will help you.








Remember that in order to master anything in math you must practice, practice and practice until you cant solve it mentally by just looking at it.


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