How to Stop Procrastinating Now

The idea of stopping procrastinating can be perceived very difficult at first. Set your mind to full positivity and dedication when targeting this tedious bad habit. After having the right mindset tell yourself procrastination can be very easy to eliminate. All you have to do is take an intimidating task, like a big reading you must do, and break it into smaller tasks. Make a one day 50 page reading into a 5 day reading of 10 pages each. Or break the day into 5 hours and read 10 pages each hour. Try to make your task as simple as you can to make it work for you. If this does not work for you then consider the following tips.

Find out the Costs. Figure out what would happen if you do not get an assignment done when it needs to be done. For example an essay due in 3 days and you feel procrastination kicking in evaluate how not turning in the essay on the date would affect your grade, embarrass you in front of your classmates, or any consequence that you are afraid of. This will give you extra reasons to get  the essay done as fast as possible and stop procrastinating about it.

Trick your Brain. Sometimes in order to start a task you might need to outsmart your own brain. Let's say you have to study for a test, and one of the chapters to study consists of 30 pages, to begin reading this chapter trick your brain into thinking that you are only going to do a quick review through the pages and before you know it something will catch your attention and you will be studying it without realizing.

Give Up Vague Notions. "i will do it on monday","I will do it later" "I will do it after I play" or "I will do it tomorrow" will maintain you within the procrastination range forever and nothing will be done, avoid them at all costs. Do it now, and get it over with.

Attracting Goals. Set up a goal that will keep you motivated to do your tasks. Let's say a goal to keep you doing your college homework would be how you want to live in the future, sleeping on an expensive bed, cooking in a beautiful kitchen or a relaxing in a modern styled bathroom, whatever it is that attract you. Then look it up online to see what your goal could look like to motivate you even further.

Tackle procrastination now, follow the steps that work for you and remember do not give up and always be positive.


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