Soothe Your Senses While in College.

As a college student, you must maintain your classes balanced as well as yourself. It can be difficult to maintain high grades in all of your classes while still feeling fresh and rested. You must make the important decision of taking at least one day of your week to dedicate it to yourself. You have to care for the engine that is your body so that you can keep going strong towards your goals.

Below is a list of tips to help you soothe all your senses.

 Warm Shower-Hot Bath. Briefly shower with warm water, then take a hot bath to further relax your muscles.

Stretch. Do not look at this as an exercise, look at it a something to relax you even more. This day is all about relaxing and nourishing your body, and stretching will not just relax your muscles but your joints as well.

Eat Healthy. Eat as many fruits and healthy foods as you wish because your body will make great use of its nutrients later when you resume your hard work.

Soothe your Ears. Listen to soft melodies and meditation music to achieve mental relaxation. Check out my post about 3 Relaxing Melodies.

Soothe Your Skin. Whether you are male or a female you must soothe your skin. Apply your favorite body lotion and massage yourself for as long as you wish.

Soothe your Nose. Smell your favorite flavors. You should look for natural smells, for example smell a peach.

Soothe Your Eyes. Try as much as you can to close your eyes. Keeping them open and focused so long while you study can be pretty hard for them, so try as much as you can to give them a rest and close them whenever you can, perhaps while listening to those nice relaxing melodies J

Soothe Your Feet. They are your method of transport, maintain them as healthy as you can and give yourself a nice scrub, massage and place a steamy towel on top of them to release any pressure and stress.

Hot beverage. Drink a hot tea to make your body go to the bathroom and rid itself of all toxic substances that have been stored in your body. When you work so hard you ignore what you eat or what you do because you are focused, so your body needs to be cleansed. 

Clear Your Mind. Do not think about work, do not look at a book, do not read, do not write, do not study, this day is for complete rest and renewal.

Follow these tips during one day and you will see a total difference and renewal the next day. You will also experience a great boost in energy, be more focused and have more strength to last longer while studying. Do this every week to maintain your health as much as possible because studying can take up your entire day and you do not even notice it, so make use of this one day to renew yourself.

Keep in mind that you deserve this day; so don’t feel guilty about not working.

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