Thanksgiving Break Procrastination

I've heard about bad experiences with breaks during college. Laziness and procrastination tend to take over because we set our minds to think breaks are for resting, just resting and nothing else. You as a smart student must take over your breaks and manage them, do not think it is all about resting and, in this case, eating too. Today started thanksgiving break and your new study plan or guide should start too.

It is understandable that you rest more than usual because this is a break but do so wisely. I say procrastination kicks in because when we are on breaks we say "Oh I can do that tomorrow, my break is not over until tuesday". Then you realize tomorrow is tuesday!

In order to create a study guide you must plan your days off. Wake up later than usual, so you enjoy your break. Take it easy and don't do unnecessary actions. Pamper yourself as much as you can. Write down everything that has to be done by the end of the break. If possible do tasks that are not done by the end of the break but maybe 3 days after the break, why? Because when the break is over you will not feel overwhelmed with work due in 3 days. You will feel proud about the fact that you did the work and can take an extra break during the day and play some video games :)

Create this guide by writing down every day, under the days write times of the day, then write what you will get done on a separate sheet so that you can sort them out by priority and set them up properly under the day and time they will get done. This is to ensure the most important tasks will get done as soon as possible and no regrets will occur later. Do not forget to include fun activities and many breaks. Work as hard as you can during your tasks to get them done fast and effectively.

Remember do not let your mind rely on doing tomorrow what you can do today.

Have a happy thanksgiving, and eat responsibly :D


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