4 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study!

College has started and I already need more motivation fuel!! This post will serve as my bookmark of the things I constantly do to keep myself energized and motivated to study.

First I will give you a recipe for a juice I recently tried. I bought a juicer recently and decided to juice everything I liked (really whatever was available in my refrigerator) and juice it all together. After drinking this I felt so energetic I could not sleep (I drank the juice at 8pm). I ended up sleeping at 1am. So I decided this juice was perfect for breakfast!

Keep in mind: I used a juicer (not a nutribullet, not a blender)

1. Power Juice!

These are all the ingredients! (」゜ロ゜)」


14 Carrots (small)(Not Peeled)
2 Red Apples (Medium)(Not Peeled)
2 Oranges (Medium)(Peeled)
2 in of Ginger (Peeled)
1 Lime(Peeled)
3 Stalks of Celery


I just place all of these ingredients in my juicer, mixed the juice and proceeded to drink it. So, that's what you should do.

2. Aromatherapy!

I know that rosemary and peppermint scent stimulate the mind, and Frankincense (which also stimulates the mind) is useful for meditation and to relief the respiratory tract. You can acquire them as oils or you can get the mint scent (and flavor) from a hot tea.

3. Brain Beta Waves!

I love this so much I extracted the sound from the videos and converted it to MP3, then I created a playlist for it on my iPod. Every time I need to study but I don't feel like it or I just cannot concentrate, I turn it on.

I promise you that the 30 minutes you spend listening and working will be the most productive 30 minutes you've had. (。⌒∇⌒)。

If you do a search on Youtube for "Brain Beta Waves" you will get a lot of videos with interesting sounds. This sound is called Beta Waves, and according to multiple studies beta waves are positively involved in academic achievement as well as attention and focus improvement. Below is a screenshot from an info graphic about beta waves that you can find here.

4. Face Wash!

I wash my face with very cold water and an invigorating face wash! 

Use a cleanser that is meant to wake you up, such as the morning burst cleanser from clean and clear.

So far all of these work like a charm when I feel lazy.

I am sure they will work for you!

Thank you for reading!