3 Tips That Will Help You Complete a Hard Assignment Now!

In order to complete an assignment that you consider to be overwhelming, you must first prepare yourself for it. 

I follow 3 tips to mentally prepare myself for mind-boggling assignments.

Keep in mind these tips are not only helpful for completing hard assignments, but also for studying in general.

The idea behind all these tips is to help you acquire a clear state of mind, and give you confidence and motivation to do the assignment the best way possible.

Tip #1: Prepare Your Environment: 
Create An Energetic Study Area.

I wipe clean my desk, sweep the room, mop and even add my favorite scent to it (I wipe downy on the desk XD). The scent is clean and makes me feel excited and energetic. Don't ask why, frankly I don't know. It just does. 

Open the windows, if you have curtains push them aside and let the outside come into your room. The sound of cars running and people working will inspire/influence you to work. Also the sunlight will keep you awake and aware. 

Tip #2: Prepare Your Body: 
Trick Your Mind Into Working Mode

When you have a big assignment you tend to feel tired, sleepy, and above everything anxious, this all just from thinking about the work load. Do a little cardio, take a cold shower, brush your teeth and wear something you associate with working. All these things will wake you up and clear your mind, making you ready to work. Whether it is evening, or afternoon it doesn't matter, still try to do these.

The reason why I add wear something that you associate with working is because when I am wearing pajamas I feel sleepy being that I have associated this type of clothing with resting and sleeping. However, when I wear comfortable clothing such as working out clothes, which I have associated with working, I feel less tired and more focused on doing something. Therefore I suggest you wear what you would use to workout, but don't sacrifice comfort.

Another thing is I get ice cold water to drink. It will definitely energize you. I wouldn't suggest eating before doing the assignment, because 15 mins after I eat I need a nap (Lol). If you need a snack eat almonds/pecans (If allergic to nuts then eat a fruit) they are good for your brain and won't make you feel sleepy after eating them.

Tip #3: Beta Waves or Piano Study Music

The sound might not be to your liking but give it 5 minutes and you will notice a huge difference. You will feel so ready to learn anything you won't believe it. The sound you are listening to is called beta waves and the purpose is to use the frequency of your brain to stimulate you to focus on your work and  to motivate you to work hard. I use this always! I have embed below the one I listen to.

I also use piano music, but I mostly use beta brain waves. You can use any music that does not make you feel sleepy or has any lyrics in it, as it will distract you. I have also embed the piano music I use.

Some of you prefer kick ass rap music, but I end up singing along and even writing the lyrics. Haha!

These are the 3 tips that have helped me throughout entire semesters. I hope you follow them and that they help you too. If you have your own tips please share them below, I would love to hear them.