Preparing for the Semester: Buying Textbooks

(Source: We Heart it)
Textbooks these days are very expensive, but there are ways for you to save a lot of $ on them. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind when buying your textbooks. 

International Editions of books are almost the same book. I have bought many science books as international edition and the only difference I noticed from the US version was the cover and page numbers. 
Buy your text books used but in acceptable condition.
Search for coupons before buying. I love retail-me-not!
Buy early. Don’t wait until the semester starts. Try to contact your professor and ask if he/she has decided what book will be used  in class and which edition. This is so you can get the best price. Also strive to get the syllabus as early too, so you can see exactly what chapters will be covered. The syllabus will help you a lot if you plan on making copies (see below).
- Is there a copy center close to your school? Go to them and ask if they have the book for the class you are taking. Buy copies of the first 3 chapters. Just don’t tell anyone that “copy center name” sold you those copies…………….(; ʘ‿ʘ )……or let your professor see them (some professors don’t approve copies).
Edition. Sometimes (many times) you can go 1 edition lower, pay less, receive the same content and just have different page numbers and cover (highly recommended).
Maybe you don’t have to buy it, have you checked your school’s library? School libraries sometimes carry the book that will be used for each class (you just might not be able to take them home), but you can take a pic of the pages or download a scanning app and scan them on your device (I have done this a lot). Or make copies. Also check your local public libraries.
- Search online “insert textbook’s name here” Pdf free…..(;☉_☉)......
After getting your books/copies start reading the first chapter to get a gist of the topic. Its all so you can be the very best you can this semester! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜